Integration of various authentication methods into one system

Apply authentication technology easily and securely without installing additional systems

- 2-way dynamic key matching algorithm that is secure even when user information is leaked

- Users can select multiple authentication methods

- Real-time awareness and user account control during unauthorized authentication attempts

FIDO UAF Certified

Supports next generation simple FIDO (Fast Identity online)authentication service

StonePASS is a solution to provide authentication platform that integrates a variety of authentication methods
based on 2-Way Dynamic Key Matching Algorithm (patent granted).

Legacy system
Blockchain/IoT/cloud environment support

2-Way Dynamic Key Matching Algorithm

Users go through safe authentication even if their authentication keys are leaked. New dynamic values are authorized through real time key matching whenever there’s authentication process. By linking to the entire key chaining of authentication process, this algorithm maintains flawlessness for the entire process of authentication.


- Real-time authentication (2-Way)
- Simultaneous support for possession type + knowledge type, knowledge type + characteristics type and possession type + knowledge type + characteristics type
- Providing multi-factor
and multi-channel within one process
- Supporting various biometric authentication which is independent


- Verifying flawlessness during end-to-end period
- Defending man in the middle attack (MITM)
- Defending replay attack
- Defending phishing/pharming attack
- No delivery of personal information during communications period (Maintaining flawlessness during communications period)


- Safe matching even if user authentication key is leaked
- Support FIDO authorization
- Support Blockchain environment
- Supporting cloud environment
- Providing admin tool to efficiently
    manage authentication key

Supporting Safe Authentication Process with Powerful Security

- Dynamic key matching authentication for every authentication moment and period
- Additional defense against phishing/pharming and MITM
- Applying code algorithm for domestic/international standard symmetric key and public key
- Matching after converting two-digit key into at least 32 byte within the system
- Checking abnormal signs in the middle of authentication process
- Verifying flawlessness during communications period by SSenStone’s own algorithm and defensing against replay attacks

User-oriented Support for Users’ Convenience

- Supporting spontaneous recognition of stolen account and self-control
- Providing a variety of optional authentication methods to users (multiple-choice type)

Various Environment Support

- Supporting without any limit depending on OS/Sever
- Supporting Android and iOS
- Support the legacy system
- Supporting blockchain and IoT & cloud environment

StonePASS completes the security consulting and review by Korea’s financial institutes and
other public organizations. The applied technology passes the mock hacking tests by Korea’s TOP 3 entities.

- Completed security consulting by Financial Security Institute
- Completed security screening by Constitutional Court
- Completed security screening by Hana Card
- Failed in mocking hacking by top 3 companies in Korea

- Completed patent application for overseas countries (completed in 5 countries in Europe, USA, Singapore, China and Japan)
- In progress of 1 application for patent